Purchasing for Distribution / Resale

Synthose products are resold by trusted distributors of fine carbohydrates and other R&D chemicals in North America, Europe and Asia.

We offer competitive bulk pricing on large quantities purchased for resale.

We are also a great one-off source for the hard-to-find carbohydrates your clients are seeking. Find out why you should request a compound that is not yet in our catalogue.

Switch to the Specialists

You may already have a steady source for your resale line. Do you wish you had specialists on your side, providing superior quality R&D products and the latest scientific information your customers expect?

Efficient bulk production technology developed by carbohydrate specialists means increased speed of delivery and lower bulk costs

Quality matters to your customers - our products are manufactured in Canada and are typically crystalline and certified above 99%

Our commitment extends long after the material leaves our lab - we are always on hand to follow up about quality, handling, application, references, or any other questions your clients might have for you

Check our ready-made products for the compounds you currently stock, or to see how you can expand your product line with related compounds.

Packing Options

However you restock your products, we can accommodate your requirements.

Bulk packing for repackaging on your site

Aliquoting of your order directly into your custom packaging

Aliquoting of your order into our standard packaging, with or without our labels

Split orders sent at intervals spread out your costs while maintaining bulk pricing