Custom Synthesis

How can we take your R&D to the next step? By providing the stepping-stone molecule that only carbohydrate synthesis can create.

Novel Molecule Development

True custom synthesis of entirely new compounds, their isotopically labelled counterparts, or their conjugates forms the core of our service.

Our scientific team has synthesized custom molecules for both pipeline and generic drug development corporations, major chemical distributors, university research centers, and government institutions in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Non-Catalogue Compounds

We add several known compounds to our catalogue each month, expanding our carbohydrate library of ready-to-use products. These compounds may be registered through CAS or not, may have minimal literature references, or may simply be difficult to find elsewhere.

Why request a known compound that is not yet in our catalogue:

Carbohydrate expertise means quick lead time (a few days to 1-2 weeks)

Custom quantities tailored to your research needs

Commitment to providing rare or specialty carbohydrate compounds

Discounts on groups of related compounds (below)

Combine R&D Costs on Groups of Compounds

We price our R&D costs based on our accumulated expertise. That means we won't charge twice for the same work on a group of related compounds. If a significant portion of the synthesis steps is shared by two or more compounds, you can expect a significant reduction in pricing when you order the whole group.