Intellectual Property

Ownership of Intellectual Property resulting from custom synthesis by Synthose is highly negotiable and is based on each party's scientific and market goals as well as their capacities to exploit the IP in the future. Possible scenarios should be discussed prior to an official project quote.

Some example scenarios:

Product delivery: full IP remaining with Synthose, and Synthose may reproduce and resell the compound or any part of a conjugate compound that is not protected by CDA

Product delivery with synthetic route: the optimal synthetic route to the target compound is disclosed in a final report, and Synthose may continue to produce the compound on an exclusive basis for the contracting client

Synthetic route and full rights of use: Synthose discloses the optimal synthetic route and may not reproduce the final compound without license from the contracting client

We welcome other arrangements that would best fit the nature of the compound and its scientific or market application.

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Please send a copy of your CDA to Barbara Goss, at prior to discussing your proprietary structures. We aim to review the agreement and return the executed copies as soon as possible.