R&D Approach

Relying on the expertise developed in our lab and following an extensive literature review, our scientists develop and investigate several possible synthetic routes to the target compound.

The possible routes take into account these core considerations:

purity / quality


safety & environmental responsibility

efficiency in cost, time and materials usage

The successful synthetic route is further optimized as required; it then moves on to the scale-up phase, which may require additional optimization.

Designing the Path to Research means developing the fastest, safest, most efficient, most cost-effective synthetic route to your molecule. The Synthose team is driven by a belief that a process can always be optimized, and a novel approach can always be discovered.


The documentation of a custom project will vary with the type of agreement entered into. At minimum, characterization of the compound and all analytical data will be provided at project end.

Our Intellectual Property options describe the additional documentation available for your custom synthesis project.