The terms of this Warranty were updated on 2011-03-18.

Quality Assurance

Synthose products undergo quality testing and certification by the following methods, where applicable: 1H-NMR, HPLC, TLC, MS, LC/MS, optical rotation, melting/boiling point.

A Certificate of Analysis will be emailed to you at the time of shipment. Chemical and isotopic purities are guaranteed as stated on the CofA.


Synthose conforms to strictest analysis, packaging and shipping practices. In the event of any discrepancy between the contents of your shipment and

Quality data on the CofA, and/or

Requisition information on your Purchase Order (product description, quantity),

please notify Synthose by telephone at 1-905-669-0017 or by email at within 7 days of Receipt of Shipment and explain any problems with your items. We will then gladly authorize a Return of Shipment via our TNT account, to be carried out within 3 days of the error notification.

Synthose will promptly conduct an analysis of the returned item(s), and if the products are indeed deemed to be defective or to have been shipped in error, we will ship Replacement Products at no cost to the Buyer, or issue a Full Refund for the returned item(s).

Incorrect Order Placed

In the event of an incorrect order placed, the Buyer must notify Synthose by telephone at 1-905-669-0017 or by email at , and the shipment must be Returned within 10 days of Receipt of Shipment. All Return Shipping costs are the Buyer's responsibility.

We cannot accept the return of opened containers when an incorrect order has been placed.

Storage & Handling

Synthose may issue special instructions for handling, storage or use of its products (listed on the CofA). We cannot be held responsible for damages to products if they have been incorrectly handled or stored upon Receipt of Shipment.

Questions or Concerns?

Our first priority is your satisfaction. If you have any concerns about your order, please contact Customer Service for prompt and courteous assistance.